Single Learner Subscription

Prefer riding solo? No problem!

You can buy a flexible monthly (pay-as-you-go) subscription, which will cost you just £25 a month.

Or, pay just £75 and get a whole year's access!

What's the catch? There isn't one. With your single-learner subscription you'll get access to all flick courses, all resources, all certificates – oh and did we mention re-sits are free?

Step 1

First step? Decide how long you want to sign up for.

Are you going to go for a monthly subscription, or go all out and buy a whole year's access?

Step 2

Once you've decided what subscription you want,

saddle up and get yourself over to the flick pricing page to sign up!

Step 3

Within one working day your account will be up-and-running, you will have access to everything - the sky's the limit!

Your subscription will just happily roll on until you tell it not to.


Ready to ride?

If you're still not sure if a flick subscription is right for you, get in touch via and we can answer any questions you may have.

Or, if you're ready to get going, peddle yourself over to the pricing page now to sign up!

this sounds wheelie good - take me to the pricing page


Will I still have access to all flick courses if I'm only signed up for a month?

Absolutely! No matter if you sign up for a month or a year, you will get access to all flick courses, resources and personalised certificates. Plus, any new courses that are added to the flick subscription whilst your account is active will go straight into your account too, at no additional cost.

Am I tied into a whole year on a monthly subscription?

No way. A monthly subscription works like it says it does, you pay as you go! As soon as you're ready for it to stop, just click the 'cancel subscription' button within your profile dashboard and no more payments will be taken.

Do I get charged extra if I complete multiple courses?

Not at all - everything is included in the one set price. No additional costs. No added extras. No small print!

What if I decide to add other people to my monthly account?

No problem! Email us and we'll upgrade your account to a multi-user subscription.

What if I decide to add other people to my annual account?

Same as above, email us and we'll get it sorted. We'll only charge you the difference too.

I'm ready to roll, take me to the pricing page!

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