Game Changing Features


Relevant accreditation

Accredited by the subject experts, and matched to sector guidelines and standards, where appropriate.

Quality authors

Our content is thoroughly researched, relevant, clear and to the point; all content is current and regularly updated.

Awarding CPD points

Any completed course will count towards your continuing professional development hours – as if the perks weren’t already good enough.

Levels of learning detailed

There’s nothing more frustrating than certificates that don’t specify the learning level you've achieved. Sorted. Certificates show as standard: the date, the level, and the number of CPD points.


Imaginative design

We take design very seriously to create courses that are unique, visually stimulating, memorable and engaging. We have just 2 rules: create learning that sticks, and make sure it's way better than anything else we've seen.

Visuals and voice

Adding a touch of video here and there to bring another dimension to the learning style. All our courses have fully embedded voiceover, but if you prefer to move at your own pace, switch it off.

Tailored for you

Setting up your organisation’s learning path to ensure that people remain on track, and complete the mandatory training that you specify, has never been simpler. 

Course for all

Pick where you work at the start of a course and you'll only see the learning information relevant to you. No need for multiple versions of the course - we wrap it all into one.


Courses and quickflick guides

As a flick subscriber, you have access to the entire flick course library as standard, as well as all the other perks – such as our quickflick guides.

flick library

The flick library is filled with useful stuff – documents, samples, legislation, further learning, and much, much more.

Pinterest and YouTube

Take your learning to another level, flick have created Pinterest boards and playlists for each course.


Easy-to-use templates for all the essential and legal documents associated with our courses.


Homepage dashboard

Filled with the latest news, course updates and any other exciting events.

Have your say

We’re always ready for receiving feedback – in any form. So let us know what you think.

Publish achievements

Spread great news fast, and watch your achievements, certificates and badges be published instantly.


game mechanics

We learn by our mistakes

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. We learn by doing and trying, so you can just keep going until you get it, achieving your perfect score.


… mean prizes, at least that’s what we’ve always been led to believe. Progress through the learner levels and unlock rewards.

Earn badges

Badges are rewarded to show subject expertise: the more you complete, the more you collect.

Compete on the flick leaderboard

Like to win? Have a go at rating yourself against other subscribers! How long will it take you to rank number 1?


Reflective questions

Think about it. Ponder on it. Understand it. Know it.

Meaningful assessments

Our assessments focus on the important stuff you need to know. They’re designed to make the learning stick. Score high and earn rewards.


Awarded for each course you complete, and with access to the whole library, you can paper your walls with accredited certificates.

Measuring impact

After the course, we’ll check-in to make sure the key learning points have been absorbed and implemented.


Mobile app

No WIFI, no worries! Our offline course player means fully mobile learning - wherever you are, whenever you want. The first of its kind, exclusive to flick (coming soon!)


PC, tablet, phone... the possibilities are endless. Making our systems fully responsive was a must for us, so you can browse and play on any system without the irritation of poor scaling and incompatibility.

Got 10 minutes to spare?

Neatly packaged into individual topics that take just minutes to complete. So next time you’re early for a meeting, or waiting for a bus, why not polish off another topic?


Courses published in HTML 5, ensuring multi-device accessibility. You’re welcome!



Giving you access to real-time reports at a glimpse, just one click further details reports in an easy-to-read display, with an option to export your data. It couldn’t be simpler.

Powerful real-time reports

Essential progress and status reports at the click of the button, with easy-to-read information display, and the option to export and extract the data.



Linking learning to everyday life

Facebook. Google. LinkedIn. Blogs. Twitter. Pinterest. YouTube. Instagram…. our learning solution can be part of your everyday life without any hassle.


Adding your own policies and procedures to our courses, and theming the system in your own colours and logo is as easy as A,B,C.




No software

No software and nothing to download, means that none of your memory space is taken up. IT people like this.

‘I’ve forgotten my password’

Log in with Facebook or your Google account details. Less hassle. Fewer excuses.

SSL encryption - that’s ‘secure socket layer’ to me and you

Ensuring all your data stays safe, and, remains safe online.

Secure backup

All of the data we save is both hosted and backed up on secure cloud-based servers.


Flexible subscription models

Subscription models tailored to fit your size requirements; incredible value 4 exceptional quality.

Flick on, flick off as you wish

If you wish to cancel your subscription or re-start at any time, it’s as simple as flicking a switch. No annual contracts, no hidden terms, no small print.



Help guides and FAQs

Available throughout the system, in both text and video format. Help has never been so helpful!

Live chat

Contact us via our live chat system with any issues or queries, big or small. The flick team are here to keep you happy.


This goes for email too, we are ready and waiting by our inboxes to make it all better.


If you can’t get the help you need in any other way, and you’ve tried all of the above, please call and we will be happy to help.

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