Inclusive Language Training Course | Certificate | Level 1 | 1 Topic | 8 Minutes

Inclusive Language Training


certified by: CPD
topics: 1
pass mark: 75%
duration: 8 minutes
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Inclusive Language Training


This course covers key points from:

  • The Equality Act (2010)


This CPD-certified, level-1, flick essentials course is suitable for anybody looking to be more inclusive in the language they use and the words they choose, at work or in any area of their life. flick essentials courses are designed to be concise, accessible and easy to complete, but they still include downloadable resources, and provide certification upon completion to evidence the learning provided.

It is specifically designed to give learners an awareness of how language is evolving, and clarifying vocabulary that you may not be familiar with or unsure about.

Topic 1

inclusive language

understanding how language is evolving, the importance of being respectful and staying aware of changing vocabulary, some core principles in choosing your words, and some specific examples of outdated and offensive terms along with respectful alternatives.

inclusive language

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