Prevention of Radicalisation Training Course - Certificate - Level 2 -  5 Topics - 58 Minutes

Prevention of Radicalisation Training


certified by: CPD
topics: 5
assessment: 1
pass mark: 75%
duration: 58 minutes
downloadable guides
downloadable personalised certificate
professional voiceover


Prevention of Radicalisation Training


This course covers key points from:

  • The Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015
  • The Prevent Duty
  • The Prevent Strategy


flick's prevention of radicalisation training has been reviewed and vetted by HM Government and is included in the Home Office Prevent Training Catalogue 2016.



This CPD-certified, level-2 e-learning course is suitable for frontline staff (such as police, social services, probation, education and health staff) as well as the community. 

The course includes optional voiceover recorded by a professional actor and includes downloadable resources, culminates with an assessment and provides certification upon completion to evidence the learning provided. It is specifically designed to help learners identify indicators of radicalisation, along with providing familiarisation of strategies designed to prevent radicalisation.

Topic 1



Definitions of radicalisation, terrorism and extremism, the threat from ISIS to young and/or vulnerable people in the UK, who is most at risk, how people are becoming radicalised, lone actors.


Topic 2

forms and consequences


Methods of those who wish to radicalise, ISIS on social media – Twitter, virtual supporters, ‘bots’. Reasons why people are attracted to extremism, consequences of radicalisation – for individuals and their families.

forms and consequences
Topic 3



Signs and behaviours, when to take urgent action, how to act if you suspect someone is being radicalised, what to do. 


Topic 4



The Government’s counter-terrorism strategy, including Contest, Prevent and Channel, the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, Prevent Duty Guidance and requirements, who to contact for help.

Topic 5



A detailed look at extremism covering the government's counter-extremism strategy guidance published in November 2015.



  • advice to parents and carers - keeping children safe from radicalisation
  • prevent duty guidance for england & wales
  • prevent duty risk assessment & action plan for further education template
  • education select committee report: extremism in schools: the trojan horse affair
  • prevent duty departmental advice for schools & childcare providers
  • how social media is used to encourage travel to syria & iraq: a briefing note for schools
  • quickflick guide to prevent duty guidance for further education 2015
  • quickflick guide to prevent duty guidance for higher education institutions 2015
  • quickflick guide to prevent duty guidance for the health sector 2015
  • quickflick guide to prevent duty guidance for schools and childcare providers 2015
  • quickflick guide to recruiting into ISIS: the role of social media
  • guidance on promoting british values in schools

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