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Child Safeguarding Level 3 Training

Child Safeguarding Level 3 Training


certified by: CPD
topics: 8
assessment: 1
pass mark: 75%
duration: 74 minutes
downloadable templates
downloadable personalised certificate
professional voiceover


Child Safeguarding Level 3 Training


This course covers key points from:

  • Working together to safeguard children in England
  • Safeguarding children: working together under the Children Act in Wales
  • National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland
  • Co-operating to safeguarding children in Northern Ireland
  • Keeping Children Safe in Education
  • Section 10 of Inspecting safeguarding in early years, education and skills


This CPD-certified course is suitable for safeguarding leads within any kind of setting, organisation or sector that works with children and young people. The course includes optional voiceover recorded by a professional actor, culminates with an assessment, and provides certification upon completion to evidence the learning provided.

It is specifically designed to help safeguarding leads consider what happens in their sector and what they need to put in place. It assumes that the learner has already completed level 2 child safeguarding training, and concentrates on thresholds, what to do when referring, and how to manage the safeguarding of a setting.

Topic 1


An overview of relevant laws and legislation, what organisations should have in place, professional responsibility, the responsibilities of a safeguarding lead, and a recap of what child abuse is.

Topic 2

safeguarding thresholds

A look at the Section 17 and Section 47 thresholds, referrals, and escalation and challenge.

safeguarding thresholds
Topic 3

the safeguarding process

An overview of the safeguarding process, including the different types of Child Protection Conferences and what the safeguarding lead's responsibilities are throughout the process.

the safeguarding process
Topic 4

early help

A look at what Early Help is, when it is appropriate, and how to make a decision on it.

early help
Topic 5

recruitment and allegations

A look at why safer recruitment is vital within the safeguarding process, and how to deal with allegations, including the role of the LADO.

recruitment and allegations
Topic 6

policies and procedures

Why safeguarding policies are important and what they should contain, as well as how to appropriately record concerns.

policies and procedures
Topic 7

other forms of abuse

Other forms of abuse that require particular knowledge, including FGM, forced marriage, radicalisation, domestic abuse and child trafficking.

other forms of abuse
Topic 8

the DSL role

An overview of the designated safeguarding lead role, and why it is so important.

the DSL role


  • template safeguarding record form
  • child protection code of conduct
  • NSPCC brief guide to updated keeping children safe in education
  • working together to safeguard children 2018
  • Keeping Children Safe in Education Guidance

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