Autism Awareness Training Course | Certificate | Level 2 | 2 Topics | 42 Minutes

Autism Awareness Training


certified by: CPD
topics: 2
assessment: 1
pass mark: 75%
duration: 31 minutes
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This CPD certified course, a three-learning topic course informing users how to understand autism, how it affects a person and how to be accommodating in workplaces.
Topic 1

what is autism?

understanding autism, including how and when it develops, looking at the autistic "spectrum" and the four key areas of difference between autistic people and neurotypical people: communication, processing, interacting, and sensory.

what is autism?
Topic 2

how autism affects people

looking at how the four areas of difference can affect a person: repetitive behaviour and routines, highly-focused interests, anxiety; addressing some of the main myths surrounding autism; beginning to look at some of the things that might affect your work with autistic children and young people including melt-downs and shut-downs in the context of the response loop.

how autism affects people
Topic 3

being accommodating in your work

understanding how we accommodate autistic children and young people in our work, with a focus on the "3C pathway" and some of the techniques we can use to support this.

being accommodating in your work

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