Why great workplaces invest in their employees [whitepaper]

Why great workplaces invest in their employees [whitepaper]

Posted on Aug 19, 2015

Why great workplaces invest in their employees



OK, so we’ve all heard of the annual rundown of ‘The best places to work in the UK’ – the Telegraph amongst others are quite hot on this topic – you can take a look at last year’s top 25 here. When it comes to deeming a company as a ‘great place to work’, it usually comes down to how much an organisation invests in its employees.

Investing in your employees can mean a number of different things to different organisations, but here’s some of the more popular points:

  • Career opportunity: one main reason good employees leave their jobs, despite good pay and good culture, is the lack of upward mobility
  • Rewards: from bonuses and commission to extra holiday days and flexible working hours, everyone likes rewards
  • Job security: we all want to know our jobs are safe – it just makes sense that this made the list
  • Training and development: literally, the amount of time and money you invest in training and developing your employees.

We’ve all heard of this classic manager-to-manager ‘discussion’ example when it comes to training:

Manager 1: “What happens if we invest in training our staff and our staff leave?”

Manager 2:  “What happens if we do not invest in training and everyone stays?”


In 2014, it’s said there was a 15% rise in learning and development budgets worldwide – maybe our imaginary managers are onto something?


Looking at this in action


    McDonalds Restaurant

McDonalds have stated “Training and developing our people has been at the heart of what we do throughout the 40 years that we’ve been in the UK. We believe the investment we make in our people is good for them, good for our business and ultimately good for our customers.” – and coming 11th place in the Great Place To Work 2015 special preview report – they must be doing something right, as their 37,689 UK employees are really lovin’ it (pardon the pun).


So why invest in your employees?


Firstly, to secure the future of a company. This all begins at the top. Is your leadership team prepared and have they received the correct training to help your company progress and encourage your employees to follow suit?

50% of organisations surveyed in our new research said their leaders are not skilled to effectively lead today.

71% said their leaders are not ready to lead their organisations into the future.

25% of organisations said they have a ready-and-willing successor identified for one critical leader position.

Benefits such as employee loyalty, enhanced motivation, job satisfaction and quite simply, a better working environment are to name a few. When employees feel appreciated and valued, their work performance and general attitude towards their job role, their responsibilities, their colleagues and the company itself improves. The great place to work report details that 96% of employees that made it to the top 10 best workplaces look forward to coming to work. It makes sense that it should be this way.

Investing costs less than you think, with a wealth of learning resources, suppliers and techniques so readily available, everything you need is a mouse click, phone call or email away. From online demos and 'how to' videos available on YouTube, to incredible e-learning suppliers such as flicklearning.com (shameless plug!), it’s real evidence that it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Return on investment is measurable. Not to mention the increased employee motivation and loyalty.

Download your free white paper on calculating your Return on Investment (RoI) from e-learning here.




So where should I start?

Ready to invest in your employees now? Why not sign up to the flick subscription and start adding your learners today. In return, you (and your staff) will have access to all courses within the flick library - along with all quickflick guides, downloadable templates, resources and much, much more. 


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