Why are schools struggling to follow the Prevent duty guidance?

Why are schools struggling to follow the Prevent duty guidance?

Posted on Oct 14, 2016

Why are schools struggling to follow the Prevent duty guidance?



As you may well already know, since July 2015 it has been compulsory for all education institutions to prevent pupils and learners being drawn into terrorism by actively following the Prevent duty.

In the recent 2016 school summer holidays, Ofsted reported that ‘too many further education colleges and skills providers are leaving their learners at risk of radicalisation and extremism’.

Why do some schools neglect the Prevent duty?

At the time of implementation, The Guardian reported ‘nervousness and uncertainty’, alongside a raft of concerns about the statutory requirement. Unfortunately, to an extent, a lot of those issues are still troubling those in the education sector.
Whilst there is general consensus of recent progress in this area, this summer’s Ofsted report went on to say that ‘too many providers see the Prevent Duty as little more than a ‘tick-box exercise’ and do not regard it as an important part of their responsibilities towards learners’.


How can schools and FE colleges comply with the guidance?

Summer is now behind us as we move forward into Autumn, and schools and further education colleges across the country are now fast approaching the first half-term break, marking the first pit-stop of the school year.

Any education settings taking stock at this point, doing a checklist of administrative tasks should absolutely be checking whether they’ve addressed their Prevent duty training, as this is something that Ofsted will want to see evidence of.

Despite the concerns surrounding the effectiveness of the Prevent duty, the truth is that schools and colleges will fail Ofsted inspections if they don’t address and implement it.
The really easy way to ensure that your organisation will not only meet Ofsted requirements in this area, but excel, is to purchase an annual flick subscription.


Train your staff and your students

There are two radicalisation courses available to your education setting as part of the flick subscription.

Prevention of Radicalisation training

The first course, aimed not just at teachers and education-based workers, but any other frontline staff too, has been reviewed and vetted by HM Government and is included in the Home Office Prevent Training Catalogue 2016.

Prevention of Radicalisation teaching tool for students

The second course is an informative and flexible teaching tool, suitable for students and pupils of secondary school age and upwards. It’s designed for use as part of a blended learning solution to be delivered alongside classroom discussion.


30-day money back guarantee

By using the flick subscription to implement both courses in your setting, you’ll be covering all angles, and to be quite honest, Ofsted will love it.
We’re so sure of it that we offer a money back guarantee: if the subscription doesn’t fulfil any inspection or legal requirements, including Ofsted inspections, we are willing to offer a refund.


Want to take a better look before your students do?

No problem. Call us today on 0203-814-0492 or email us at hello@flicklearning.com and we’ll set you up with a free trial. You’ll find that we also offer another 30+ e-learning courses included as part of the subscription. So what are you waiting for?


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