What’s changed in the 2017 revised EYFS framework?

What’s changed in the 2017 revised EYFS framework?

Posted on Apr 05, 2017

What’s changed in the 2017 revised EYFS framework?



Last month, the DfE (Department for Education) published a revised EYFS framework. These changes came into effect this week, on 3 April 2017.


What are the headlines?

The changes – in the grand scheme of the entire existing framework – are minor, but important. The headlines are that new Level-3 qualification requirements and first aid regulations are incorporated.


And what else?

We’ll summarise each of the revisions for you now.



There’s a new paragraph included that clarifies which provisions in the EYFS are requirements and where providers must have regard to other provisions.


Learning and Development

There is an amendment clarifying the position for providers exclusively offering out-of-school-hours care for young children, and a footnote linking to Chief Medical Office guidance on physical activity.


Safeguarding and Welfare

There are new references to recent government guidance like Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015 and the Prevent Duty Guidance 2015. There’s a footnote stating the literacy and numeracy qualification requirements for level-3 early years staff: those holding an EYE qualification must also have achieved a suitable level-2 qualification in English and maths.

There’s a new Paediatric First Aid requirement which states that newly qualified entrants to early years workforces with the relevant various qualifications must also have their Paediatric First Aid certified to be included in the statutory staff:child ratios.


There are also footnotes and amendments for:

  • Schools that have provision run by the governing body
  • Examples of exceptions to childminding ratios
  • Prescription medicines not being allowed to be administered without a prescription from a doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist
  • Ofsted-registered childminders and domestic childcare providers being allowed to operate from a suitable non-domestic premises for up to half of their time.


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