What qualifications do nannies need?

What qualifications do nannies need?

Posted on May 15, 2017

What qualifications do nannies need?



Thinking of becoming a nanny? Maybe you already are one! Whether you’re new or old to the job-role, take note: everything has changed.

In the last few years, finding a job as a nanny has morphed from needing to be ‘available from this time to this time, and capable of keeping children safe and well-fed’, into something far, far bigger.

The law requires you to have more, parents want you to do more, and, the children? Well, unless you’re a wart-faced, magic-stick-owning, Nanny McPhee type-of-human, be prepared for the need for constant stimulation! There’s only so much a brand new Jumperoo and a 20-minute episode of Something Special can do for you. Plus, on top of all of this, you are up against more and more nannying agencies fighting it out for the same jobs.

So, let’s look at what you need.


What do you need to have to be a nanny in 2017?

The National Career Service (NCS) says that if you are a nanny you’ll need to have a few things, such as: clearance from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), the ability to make close and trusting relationships with parents and children, a good imagination to plan activities that are fun and help development, the ability to cope with unexpected situations and stay calm under pressure, as well as lots of energy and stamina.

Ok, you’ve got this. So far, so good.

The NCS also states that your job role will include the following:

  • feeding, bathing and dressing children, and changing nappies
  • teaching basic social skills and hygiene
  • providing a safe environment
  • helping children to learn through play
  • going out with children to widen their experiences
  • doing nursery and school runs
  • planning interesting things to do
  • taking children to medical appointments and other activities
  • organising play opportunities to help children mix with others
  • preparing healthy meals and snacks
  • tidying up and cleaning rooms used by the children
  • record-keeping for the family

This all makes sense too, this is your passion! This is why you wanted to be a nanny in the first place right? The problem is that’s what all the other nannies are saying and doing too.


So how are YOU going to stand out?

September is around the corner and soon you will be waving off your current little ones to nursery/reception. You need to find a new position.

There are new mums and dads out there, who will soon be heading back to work. They are already on the lookout for someone who can take care of their little bundle of joy. But what will make them pick you over someone else?

Make no mistake; you are not the only nanny who has donned an Elsa/Olaf outfit to wow the parents. Or offered to take the kids to Peppa Pig on Ice. This won’t make you stand out. You need something more.


So what will make you look like a personal Mary Poppins to Mr and Mrs Bloggs?

Training. They want the reassurance that you have qualifications and training certificates falling out of your ears. They want you do to have what all the top-dog nurseries and nannying agencies have, but there’s a problem. Your budget isn’t quite as big as theirs.

Not to worry, as a company who currently supply to some of the BIGGEST childcare providers in the UK *cough-bragging-cough*, we decided that it’s not fair that only those with big budgets deserve high-quality training.

So, we’re offering over 40 CPD-certified, RoSPA-accredited and Home Office-vetted training courses that have been reviewed by the top safeguarding and health and safety experts in the country, for… wait for it... as little as £10 plus VAT.

Whether you pay-as-you-go with our monthly subscription or sign up for a whole year and save nearly 50%, you will have access to everything. Load up with everything from child protection and food hygiene, to e-safety and safe lifting of children. Ensure that your CV is overloaded with training courses so that you look, and feel ready for any and all occasions.


Completed them all already?

Then show those parents out there that completing refresher training is how committed you are, that there is no such thing as being too prepared. Little Bobby deserves the best after all.

Our prices are unbeatable, our courses are incredible (see what our customers think here), and you will have access to everything. You can even demo our courses so you know what you’re getting for your money.

Up your game today and give Mary Poppins a run for her money. It’ll only cost you £10 plus VAT, so what have you got to lose?


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