What do the RSC’s new production of The Tempest and flick learning have in common?

What do the RSC’s new production of The Tempest and flick learning have in common?

Posted on Nov 18, 2016

What do the RSC’s new production of The Tempest and flick learning have in common?



Two of the flick learning staff were lucky enough to go and see the Royal Shakespeare Company’s (RSC) ground-breaking and exciting new production of The Tempest last week, as it began a 10-week run at the Stratford-upon-Avon theatre.


What’s so special about this show?

In case you haven’t heard, the RSC has teamed up with technology giants Intel and Andy Serkis’ motion capture specialists The Imaginarium Studios to deliver an innovative take on the Shakespeare classic.

The character of Ariel takes centre stage, with the actor – Mark Quartley – wearing a motion capture suit which projects the spirit’s various forms in real-time projections around the theatre.

The ambitious show has been in the works for over three years. The BBC reports that the RSC’s creative director Greg Doran was determined to link up with Intel after a colleague witnessed them flying a giant whale over a consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.

Penny Baldwin of Intel told The Telegraph earlier this year: “We’re mashing up the power and capability of our technology with the traditional theatre experience, by reinventing the whole of the theatrical stage. We hope to surprise and delight people… to transform those experiences entirely through the injection of our technology.”


And what does all of this have to do with flick learning?

On reflection, it occurred to us afterwards that there is a huge similarity between the RSC and what we are doing at flick.

We’re both pushing the boundaries of our fields and striving for excellence.

Whilst the RSC is doing things that no other theatre production group is, the same can be said of flick. In fact, it’s something we’ve been recently recognised for after being named as a finalist in The LPI Learning Awards Start-Up of the Year category.


What’s different about flick’s e-learning?

Many competitors’ e-learning is boring and bland, with huge chunks of text hiding away valuable key learning points, accompanied by stock photography that has little or no relevance to the subject in question. We feel like they give e-learning a bad reputation.

At flick, we like to engage the learner with cutting-edge, stylish e-learning that features video, animation, music, professional voiceover and stunning imagery.

We keep the information provided to what is necessary and relevant to ensure the key points are actually taken in by the learner, and we make our topics no longer than 8 minutes so that our learners don’t get bored.

We also love to keep our audience engaged using storytelling as a delivery method for learning – something we’re pretty sure Shakespeare himself would approve of.


One more thing…

We’re also revolutionary in the way we offer our e-learning.

Other e-learning companies make a habit of charging around £30 for one course. We’re not actually sure why, especially with the aforementioned quality of the e-learning they provide.

Subscribing with flick – from as little as £10 – offers access to every single one of our 36 stunning, unique and cutting-edge e-learning courses (as well as any we add in the future), plus downloadable guides and resources in the flick library.


Interested? Take a look at our course list and sign up for a free demo today.


 *Image source: https://www.rsc.org.uk/


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