What are my responsibilities under the Prevent duty as a teacher?

What are my responsibilities under the Prevent duty as a teacher?

Posted on Sep 22, 2016

What are my responsibilities under the Prevent duty as a teacher?


In July 2015, the Prevent strategy was given legal status, requiring schools and colleges in England and Wales to 'have due regard' to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.

The Prevent Duty Guidance explains that 'having due regard' means that schools and colleges 'should place an appropriate amount of weight on the need to prevent people being drawn into terrorism...', and the Prevent strategy 2011 states that 'schools can help to protect children from extremist and violent views in the same way that they help to safeguard children from drugs, gang violence or alcohol.'


What does this mean to you?

In practical terms, this means teachers should essentially provide a learning environment for thinking and questioning in which children and young people, can raise controversial questions and concerns. Students need opportunities within appropriate subjects, curricula opportunities or tutor groups to express views, seek advice and have questions answered.

Children and young people in all key stages of education require the opportunity to explore such issues as diversity, human rights, and British society and values – such as democracy, equality and inclusion.

Young people will be more able to discuss difficult, complex or controversial issues openly and safely, with teacher support.


Approaching controversial issues through your teaching

Discussing controversial and sensitive issues can be difficult, but if done well, will help students to challenge the perceptions and misconceptions of their own and others.

flick's prevention of radicalisation for students e-learning resource was created to promote safe debate around the fundamentals of the issues around Prevent: all forms of extremism, terrorism, radicalisation, and British values.


Prevention of radicalisation training for students

This course is an informative and flexible teaching tool, designed for use either as a stand-alone e-learning course, which students can work through by themselves, or alternatively, the course can be used as part of a blended learning solution to be delivered alongside classroom discussion.

The course is broken down into four topics, giving you the ability to make the lesson as long or short as you want, and giving you plenty of opportunities to stop and hold a class discussion.


Here is a breakdown of each topic:

1. what is extremism?

Covering what extremism is, a brief history of extremism and modern day extremism – including Islamist and right-wing extremism, with simple explanations of what we mean by such terms as 'right-wing', 'extremism' and 'terrorism'

2. violent extremism

This topic covers hate crime and terrorism, taking a particular look at the events of 9/11 and the impact it has had. It also includes coverage of recent terrorist attacks (Paris), and asks how and why people get drawn into terrorism.

3. radicalisation

This topic looks at the forms of radicalisation, the role of propaganda, and social media in particular, and features ‘the radicalisation risk assessment quiz’ – to help students understand and explore the factors that increase a person's vulnerability

4. signs, consequences and actions

Stories of young people becoming radicalised, and a look at what your life might be like as an Islamist extremist. How to spot the signs of radicalisation , and what action to take if it is suspected.

Unlike our other courses, you can purchase this training for £175 (plus VAT) giving you unlimited access for a whole year.

Alternatively, if you buy any annual flick subscription (which includes over 30 e-learning courses including: child protection, e-safety, food hygiene etc.) you’ll have this course included absolutely free!


Want to take a better look before your students do?

No problem, call us today on 0203-814-0492 or email us at hello@flicklearning.com and we’ll set you up with a free trial.


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