The Prevent duty training that all teachers and childcare providers need in 2016

The Prevent duty training that all teachers and childcare providers need in 2016

Posted on Sep 09, 2016

The Prevent duty training that all teachers and childcare providers need in 2016



This week it was time to go back to school. Hello new class, new curriculum, new marking, new art projects and of course, lots and lots of new questions.

But here’s something that’s not new…


The Prevent duty training

It has now been a legal requirement for all schools and childcare providers to have The Prevent duty training since the 1st July 2015.

Surprisingly, although this has been in place for over a year, there are still schools and nurseries around the UK that have not yet completed this training.

And sadly, it isn’t optional – the Prevent duty applies to everyone who comes into contact with, or works with, young or vulnerable people.


Alarmingly, one school told us recently,


“We don’t need that kind of training in these parts. The majority of the pupils in this school are middle class and we don’t really have any ethnic minorities, so there’s no one who could be radicalised.”


If they had completed flick’s Prevention of Radicalisation training, they would know that there is no typical background profile for a child or young person who is susceptible to being radicalised.

They would also know that the Prevent duty isn’t just about ISIS – it’s about protecting young and vulnerable people from any form of extremism.

The bottom line however is regardless of whether you think you need this training, you have to complete it by law, and ‘we’ve just not got around to doing it yet’ is no longer going to cut it.


So, what do you need to do?

Knowledge, they say, is everything.

Teachers need to know about the risks of young people getting drawn into extremism, how people become radicalised – especially how it happens online, the signs to look out for, what action to take, and how to talk to young people about these issues.


Home Office Reviewed

flick’s Prevention of Radicalisation training is one of only a few online training providers to have been reviewed, vetted, and suggested for teachers and childcare providers around the UK by the Home Office themselves. They liked it so much that we’re featured in their training catalogue (click here to see it for yourself).


So why did they like it so much?

Unlike a lot of training out there, flick’s prevention of radicalisation is specifically written to tell front-line staff only what they need to know, and present it in an easy-to read and engaging format.

We pride ourselves on making our course bite-sized and to-the-point, because we know you have a job to do and that time is precious. Also, we know that the best way is to keep it simple and engaging through meaningful interactivity, video and stunning imagery.

Remember, it’s not about whether you think your staff need the training or not. It is, like we mentioned earlier, a legal requirement. So make sure you get the best for your staff. Start the year off as you mean to go on: informed, prepared and ready for the new year ahead.



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