The neverending teachers to do list: so much work, so little time

The neverending teachers to do list: so much work, so little time

Posted on Dec 01, 2015

The neverending teachers to do list: so much work, so little time



Teachers, you have it easy. Weekends free, six weeks holiday in the summer, every Christmas off. What could you be stressed about?

Could it be the ever growing workload piled onto your desk; the uproar you’ll face if you have to cut your staff’s class support.

The pressure your staff is already under to get through a packed curriculum, adapt to new exam only regimes and that's without factoring in all constant flow of legislation changes. For example, the Government is now telling you you’ve got to be able to understand and spot the signs of FGM and you need to be able to recognise and prevent radicalisation.

Do you even know what FGM is? It's Female Genital Mutilation. It’s estimated 65,000 girls under 13 could be at risk of FGM in the UK.

Did you know that an estimated 2000 Britons have joined ISIS? It’s not always who you might think who is at risk.

So with all these new laws in place, and bigger workloads, it’s a good job you have short work days and weekends right?

Evenings and weekends that are filled with seasonal festivities, Holy Communions, school plays, book marking, display making, Alton Towers trips and Christmas fayres.


So what is it your teachers need?

The law stipulates they know the specifics on FGM and radicalisation. They need training.

But if you’re already debating what you can cut to make your budget balance, how will you manage this?


Online training

Not all online training is the same.

What you don’t want is boring, inflexible courses, with reams and reams of text to sieve through.

After all, you and your staff have to fit this extra burden into your already jam-packed schedule.


What to look for in your online training

  • The most accurate, up-to-date information that covers the key points from The Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, The Prevent Duty and The Prevent Strategy.
  • A course designed around the way people learn, accommodating short attention spans. Training needs to come in bite-sized chunks. You want voiceover. This helps aid those with visual impairments but it’s also brilliant for people who skim read.
  • You need training that once completed, certificates your staff to the correct level. That they can log into and download, no waiting for the postman to deliver. This way you have everything in order for when Ofsted/Inspections come around.
  • It has to be engaging: you don’t want your staff to resent the time spent learning. You need stunning imagery, video, interactivity and learning games.
  • You need training that can be accessed anywhere, at any time, so that you don’t need to put aside hours (that you don’t have) going to a training centre, or coming in on a day off. Or worse, having to get a substitute in to look after classes.


Sounds like a lot to ask for, but with flick it’s not.


With unbeatable subscription prices, an ever growing course list, constantly updated new legislation, free extra resources for your staff and their classrooms, all included in an annual subscription you can pause over the holidays (so that no time is wasted) – you’d be mad not to check it out. Click here to find out what’s included in our flick learning subscription today.


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