The golden four

The golden four

Posted on Mar 12, 2015

Online training. Boring right? Well at flick, we think differently.

No one’s saying that everyone should LOVE training, especially online training. We get it, it’s mandatory. But no one said it has to be boring as well! Not at flick.

We have four golden rules that we believe are the key to effective learning which is the entire point after all!

NUMBER 1- Imagery 


We have seen sooooo many basic stock images of people in hair nets or people sitting at desks, writing fake documents, holding fake props, casually smiling at the person next to them whilst pointing to nothing in the corner, that even we want to throw our computer screens out the window.

Please see exhibit A below.


Who needs it? The answer, if you hadn’t guessed it already, is NO ONE. It’s boring, it’s been done, and quite frankly it’s rubbish. 55% of L&D staff agree with us, saying that past experiences with online learning fell short of their expectations.


Our imagery has not only got different themes, made up of photography and illustration, we've used bright colours and animation, and also added a sense of comedy where we can, making it not only fantastic to look at but enjoyable too. The images make sense to the subject without making it tired and repetitive. Our goal is for you to WANT to click to the next page and NOT to fall off your chair in boredom. Big ask, we know, but we’re pretty sure we've cracked it!

NUMBER 2- The 8-Minute Rule 


ever read 9000 pages of text to find out that you've only learnt one thing?


Us too! What’s the point? There isn't one! We believe that bite-sized learning is the key. We try to ensure that all of our learning topics are under 8 minutes long for you to complete. We know that your time is precious and we know what you need to learn for you to pass the course. So we've cut out the waffle and got straight to the point!


NUMBER 3- Story Telling 


so, we've established that there will be a couple of pages of learning and we've established that we want you to actually turn the page to learn more. So, what is it that will make you want to turn the page I hear you ask? Our answer - a good old fashioned story! We want you to feel all cosy, like you’re sitting around a camp-fire eating marshmallows like in the pre-teen American movies, clutching onto your seat, waiting to hear what we say next!


Ok, ok, it may not be that gripping, but the point is, people learn things through story. It’s a method that has been used for years and years, so we’ve made sure that we have something that will grab your attention in each of our topics to give you that extra help to remember what you’re learning about.

And last but not least...

NUMBER 4- Competition 


Now, if fabulous imagery, quick and to-the-point facts and a little bit of story doesn't grab you... Then surely a spot of good, British Competitiveness will?

Is there someone at your work who you have a daily 50p bet on with to see who can get the paper ball in the bin first? Is there someone you want to show off to? 


Or do you and your boss compete to see who has to make the next cup of tea by completing the day’s task before lunch? Or is there someone that you just want to crush so everyone knows you’re better?


Well, step right up, because we have the most productive answer to all of these things that you’ll probably ever hear!

At flick our whole learning experience is built around game mechanics supporting healthy competition and rewarding achievements, so every time you complete a programme you get more points. If you complete one of the games in the fastest time, you’ll get more points. If you pass the course without having to re-sit it (which is free by the way) YOU’LL GET MORE POINTS!!! Come on, you don’t get competition AND a certificate at the end of the game from Mario Kart now do you?

I rest my case.

And so, these 4 points are our ‘secret’ golden rules here at flick (shh don’t tell!) and you can be sure that when you train with us, that this is what you will get every time. Which if we do say so ourselves, is fan-flippin’-tastic.

Oh, and guess what, just to put number 2 in perspective… in the time it’s taken you to read this, you could have completed a whole topic of your training with us!



If you want to know more contact us at or visit our website at

Or if you want to try flick for free today and see for yourself how we create our e-learning to our golden four rules then get in touch today!


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