Teacher training VS Time management

Teacher training VS Time management

Posted on May 10, 2016

Teacher training VS Time management



What training do teachers need? 

Teachers - We all know that your job is not just about teaching kids their A-B-Cs. You are not getting into school at quarter to 9 and leaving bang on 3.30, it’s more like 8am till 7pm.

Apart from the actual teaching, there's lesson planning and preparation, homework marking, pupil assessments and reports, lunchtime clubs, assemblies, departmental meetings, parents' evenings, after-school practices... there really aren't enough hours in the day.

On top of the pressures of doing the actual teaching job, you're also expected to play a key role in helping to keep children and young people safe. You need to understand the issues, know the risks, and be able to recognise the warning signs of all forms of child abuse, child exploitation, bullying, domestic abuse, radicalisation and FGM.

For you to be able to do this, you need training... along with the certificate. But when are you supposed to do this training? With only a limited number of Inset days available, and a huge agenda of job-related training to cover, how can you possibly spare several hours to attend some safeguarding workshop miles away from home? 

That's where flick comes in.


Time management

We understand that everyone who completes our training has another job to do, doesn't sign up to it for the joy of learning, and has a hundred or so other things that they'd rather be doing...

But we also know that training is mandatory: the law requires it, and Ofsted expects it.

flick's range of accredited safeguarding courses are beautifully concise, imaginative, simple to understand and easy to absorb. Stunning imagery, music and audio, video, voiceover, animation and interactive games. YouTube playlists and Pinterest boards. Presented in 8 minute topics – perfect for morning break.

We strip away the waffle, focussing only on what you really need to know. Then we use our expertise in eLearning to create training that will stick. We spend a great deal of time distilling, designing and developing effective training that will help you to save time.


Teacher training - sorted in seconds

Our training is also incredibly quick to set up - and roll out.

Step 1 – Choose your subscription and click buy

Step 2 – Add your users (with our help if you want it)

Step 3 – Set up your staff's learning journeys (So they know which courses to do first)

Step 4 – Complete the training (re-sitting if necessary for free)

Step 5 – Instantly download certificates on completion

Step 6 – Download real-time reports on staff progress whenever you need them


Safeguarding – all in a days work

So let’s see what you could get done in one inset day using flick's e-learning subscription.

fgm training

Ten-minute tea break...

prevention of radicalisation training

child protection training

Half an hour lunch...

domestic abuse training

Tea (and cake) break

e-safety training


Job done!

By the end of the day - you are fully trained and certified in e-safety, FGM, prevention of radicalisation, domestic abuse and child protection. So what are you waiting around reading this for? You can get going with your staff training now!


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