Talking entrepreneurship with Mark Sephton [Guest blog]

Talking entrepreneurship with Mark Sephton [Guest blog]

Posted on Sep 24, 2015

 What is the secret to successful entrepreneurship? 



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Who is Mark Sephton?

As we first met Mark at the recent LeamTweetUp, it seems only right that we introduce him to you through the eyes of social media. According to Mark's Twitter bio, he is a:

"Personal Mentor to Worldwide Entrepreneurs. Host of helping you find your inner sniper  "

Mark's LinkedIn summary bills him as:

"UK's 1st personal mentor to entrepreneurs | Helping trail-blazers unlock their potential and kick-ass in business & life"

and let's not forget his role as radio host:

"Join Mark Sephton every Wednesday 4-6pm BST via Web  where share their business stories"


But how would Mark describe himself? 

We invited him to do exactly that and this was his answer:


How did you get into mentoring then, Mark? 


What do you love about what you do? 


How do you learn best, Mark?

Mark's top tip for you: ask great questions. 


Probably the key question we'd all like to know the answer to but what separates a successful entrepreneur from a less successful entreprenuer?

Do 80% of the work others don't want to do. Do the right thing not the thing that feels good to do.


This led onto an interesting debate about whether not yet being successful simply meant that you weren't at the end of journey yet


What's the piece of advice you always tell every client you work with?

Find out what you're good at. Find out what you love. Find out where you want to go.


From the people you've interviewed so far on your radio show, Talk Business, who's been your favourite guest?


If you could only use one of the social media platforms for the rest of your life, which would you pick and why?


However, Mark was keen to point out that, if you're intending to promote your business successfully, personal preference might have to take a back seat to customer preference. If your customers are on Twitter then you probably need to be too.


Never one to shy away from the big issues, we wrapped up our interview with Mark with some hard-hitting questions:


Which emoji do you use the most?



Not wanting to give away any secrets but Mark's answer to this question was a good one (simply because we also love one of the apps he mentions. The question we put to him was: which app(s) are you loving right now? His suggestion for you is here...



A question that goes to the very heart of flick - cats or dogs? As the more avid followers will know that we have a weakness for dogs with our very own office puppy, Teddy. Fortunately, Mark's answer was ok.



 Concluding with Mark's plug of his book, Inside Job:


and again:



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