Teachers at Christmas – Solutions to an ever growing to-do list

Teachers at Christmas – Solutions to an ever growing to-do list

Posted on Dec 18, 2015

Teachers at Christmas – Solutions to an ever growing to-do list



Christmas is coming, so hang on to your hats – this next week means cramming in all the finishing touches to Christmas displays, marking the last of those course papers and student reports, plus you need to get all those little class jobs done – so come the last day of term, you’re out of there.

But could there be more you need to sort?

Sorry for being the bearer of bad news, but as a quick reminder, the Government expects you and your staff to complete prevention of radicalisation training and FGM training too.

Before you know it, Christmas will have come and gone, the New Year will be here and Ofsted will be lurking around the corner ready to pounce.


So what do schools and colleges need to know now?

2015 has seen a high increase of safeguarding responsibilities being placed on teachers such as: FGM reporting, further child protection training and on top of that the Government has placed a Prevent duty on teachers and all those that work with children and young people – to have ‘due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism’.


Training’s the answer, but it needs to be effective

As with all things, it’s important you get the best training for your staff, which will not only be effective, engaging and efficient – but will always be current. Updating your training every three years will no longer cut it for school inspectors.

But say you’ve cracked that; you have quality training, your staff are engaged and the knowledge is up-to-date, what else could go wrong?

No proof of learning.


Proof of learning

If your car broke down and you needed a new engine, who would you choose to fix it?

A- Someone who has a mechanical engineering certificate?

B- Someone who said they had watched a YouTube video on engine repairs?

Option B may be able to fix your car as well as option A; there’s a wealth of useful DIY tutorials online on everything from building houses to making omelettes.  But most of us would opt for option A, because everyone needs reassurance.

Ofsted is no different.  They want proof. And what better proof is there than individual certificates on completion?


The solution to safeguarding responsibility

  • Engaging prevention of radicalisation training covering key points from the Prevent duty, the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 and the Prevent strategy.
  • Engaging FGM training covering key points from the Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003 and the Serious Crime Act 2015.
  • Certificates on completion of training that is CPD certified.
  • Free extra resources to encourage further learning and help refresh topics learned through training.
  • Training that is available now AND after Christmas, whenever you’re ready.


flick can offer all the above.

So, when the madness of Christmas has died down, we will be here, to help you with your training.

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