Slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips and falls

Posted on Jul 01, 2016

Slips, trips and falls



Slips, trips and falls are the most common cause of injury in the workplace, accounting for 40% of all workplace injuries.

The most troubling part of this is that these injuries are usually ones that could have been avoided.


The law on slips, trips and falls

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 requires employers to ensure the health and safety of all employees and anyone who may be affected by their work, so far as is reasonably practicable.

You need to ensure that your staff have up-to-date slips, trips and falls training, as this will ensure that they know everything from what hazards to look out for, to what to do if they spot any.

But what do you need to do? Let’s start at the beginning by looking at five simple ways you could avoid any slips, trips and falls (and save your company money at the same time).


Step 1: Look out for hazards

Step 2: Think about who could be harmed

Step 3: Consider the risks

Step 4: Record all your findings

Step 5: Regularly review


To make things even easier for you – we’ve whipped up a slips, trips and falls top tips poster for you to stick up in your staff room. That way staff will know what to look out for and most importantly, know to tell you if they spot a hazard!

Just follow the link below and you can thank us later.


free health and safety top tips posters


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