Prevention of radicalisation – everything you need to know

Prevention of radicalisation – everything you need to know

Posted on Oct 27, 2016

Prevention of radicalisation – everything you need to know.



There is so much out there on Prevent duty training.

When trying to answer simple questions on Google such as ‘how do I prevent young people from being radicalised?’, ‘where can I get training for staff?’, ‘are there any tools I can use in the classroom?’ it can be overwhelming.

Thousands of pages of information will come back at the click of a button. Having to sieve through all of this to find the answer you’re looking for can waste a lot of valuable time.

But fear not! As always, the flick subscription is constantly growing. New courses are added, new resources are created, and more and more blogs are written each week. So, to save you from pages and pages of Google results, we’ve rounded-up all the information you need to know about the radicalisation of young people.


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