The princess and the PPE

The princess and the PPE

Posted on Apr 02, 2015

The princess and the PPE



As a lover of a pun, and in the spirit of Hans Christian Andersen's birthday, today's blog post will be all about PPE, as you probably figured from the title ‘The Princess and the PPE’ (see what we did there?)


But what exactly is PPE?

PPE, or as it’s better known ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ is the stuff that protects us from accidents, injury and harm both in and out of the work place. When I first began to think of types of PPE, I was imagining hazmat suits, hard hats, steel cap boots and face shields. I’m probably not alone in imagining that as a fair number of us probably know what PPE actually is.

This led me to question what it is that we truly needed to include in a course on PPE: if people know what it is, what do we want them to do? The answer came to me that we wanted to drive change. PPE is there, we know we should use it at work but we don’t and, therefore, we needed to make sure that any course we created gave people a new perspective on PPE to ensure it was always used as needed.

Pondering it a little longer, I realised we actually use PPE in our everyday lives without really noticing and that became our take on PPE


Everyday PPE

What’s one of the first things we put on when we’re outside in the summer? Our sunnies! It’s not just to look the part whilst sunbathing or sitting in a beer garden, it’s to protect our eyes, whether it’s a pair of wayfarers or aviators – it’s all PPE. For those of us without a dishwasher, to protect our delicate manicure from the terror of the washing up bowl… Marigolds (or a yellow value rubber glove – it’s all the same to us) – again, that’s PPE. And lastly, maybe the most obvious of all, when we’re in the pool (whether it be whilst on holiday or at the gym – I know which we’d prefer), to protect our eyes from the perils of chlorine… a good old pair of goggles.

Now that we’ve mentioned it – we bet you start noticing those everyday forms of PPE you use – if we haven’t mentioned any of them above, share them with us below!


If you would like to find out more about our RoSPA certified training courses click here.


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