Patricia Rosas-Naylor: My life as a digital influencer

Patricia Rosas-Naylor: My life as a digital influencer

Posted on Dec 02, 2015

Patricia Rosas-Naylor: My life as a digital influencer 


Patricia Rosas-Naylor ROSESMeet Patricia 

Patricia Rosas-Naylor is a lifestyle and travel blogger at, founded in 2012. She is an active user of many social media platforms to support her blog, most notably Instagram and Snapchat. A native Californian, she lived in Paris for four years before beginning her adventure in the UK. Today, she works as a blogger and social media consultant, working with businesses and individuals on maximizing their goals via Instagram.  



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How do you engage with your audience? 

I engage with my audience primarily through Instagram! Facebook and Twitter are also great ways to connect with people, ask questions, and get recommendations. 

I usually begin with a photo to wish them a good day or share something that’s happening later that day. Through these connections, I have met a few followers in person, and some have become good friends! It’s important to take the time to engage with others; it is in large part thanks to their loyalty that the blog and Instagram are successful.  

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What’s your favorite social media platform to reach people? 

My favorite social media platform has to be Instagram. I love the direct connection to individuals and brands. It’s so easy to interact, support, give, and receive feedback instantly and directly without a middle man.  

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What posts do you find are most popular? 

The posts I find to be the most popular on Instagram are Paris scenes, beautiful daylight scenes, landscapes, quintessential city scenes (architecture in Paris and London), and nice flatlays on white or wood backgroundsSurprise successes (or less consistently successful ones) tend to be a variety of travel shots. I’m currently in Japan and have been happily surprised by my followers’ strong affinity to this country! 

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As for successful blog posts, the trends in most popular posts tend to be articles that touch on travel tips, interesting interviews, tips that provide value and valuable information to readers, and interesting or unique experiences. 

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How do you feel technology has advanced since you’ve begun blogging? 

So much! There have been huge advancements since the blog was created. These improvements have allowed me to connect with followers, people, and brands from all over the world. The many platforms that have developed and taken shape since 2012 have affected my life as a blogger, the most influential being Instagram and Snapchat, which have created the ability to link various accounts and simultaneously follow people around the world. Overall, I’d have to say that the greatest connecting tool in my case has been Instagram. The impact it’s had on my life has inspired me to create and launch an Instagram course, as well as my social media consulting business. I want to help people achieve their business goals and teach them how to tap into the success that strategic social media can give them.  

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People reply to blog post when they are really moved or inspired to comment, which is wonderful. However, it is much easier for people to just “like” photo and comment on Instagram without having to fill out all details they need to on the blog, can quickly and directly comment if they feel the desire to, even if it’s just with an emoji.  I really appreciate any and all feedback, comments, and, of course, likes. The engagement lets you know if and what content your followers like (or don’t). The comments tell us specifically what it is that they liked about it. I know just how important this feedback is for people putting content out there, so I support people I follow and admire this way.  

Back to the question – I love that you can schedule, link, and connect so easily. Everything is at our fingertips; communication and sharing have never been easier.  

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Do you see any trends in the way technology is used? 

I am loving the instant, no-filter sharing of Snapchat, which had become a massive business tool in the last few months. Particularly with recent news of certain digital influencers renouncing the so-called fakeness of Instagram and social media, it’s important to have a platform like Snapchat that allows you to capture the here and now - what is happening in front of you with little to no editing of the content.  

One of the reasons Instagram is now so curated is because it creates a gallery of photos, not just an ephemeral moment or image. It’s a digital legacy, therefore there is an inclination to leave only beauty behind. Users want to share the most positive image of their life or business. Everyone has a bad day or moments, so we only post a partial reality of life - the beautiful aspects of it. 

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So yes, it is important to share the then and now with both videos and pictures, which Snapchat enables us to do. There’s no filter; people can both hear and see who you are, what you do, and what your surroundings really look like. To balance the curated feed of Instagram (which I think will continue to be used in this way), there is Snapchat 

The importance of imagery 

People say a picture is worth a thousand words, Patricia's use of Instagram for social media interactions truly echoes this. In a now predominantly digital world, how you convey your messages and feelings via social media can start a trend  who would have thought that we'd be agonising over what filter to apply to our photos 5 years ago? 

This is what we do here at flick, capturing our audience using thought provoking imagery. Conveying our messages with images that enhance the learning experience is essential to our course creation process. We promise you'll never find any bad stock images in our courses.


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Where to find Patricia

Did the love the images we used in this blog? They're all examples of the great stuff you can find on Patricia's blogInstagram, PinterestFacebook and Twitter. 



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