Unexpected events could blow your budget off course.  Manage the risk with great, affordable training.

Unexpected events could blow your budget off course. Manage the risk with great, affordable training.

Posted on Dec 12, 2015

Government demands on schools



No one knows what’s around the corner. This year alone, the government has brought in new mandatory training for teachers on the prevention of radicalisation and FGM reporting, plus Ofsted has updated the way it carries out inspections.

By the end of next year there may be further training required, changes in the mandatory curriculum, or maybe more cuts affecting support staff. Budgeting is tough now but in the face of these changes, there’s likely to be more tough decisions in the future.


What events could affect your school?


In recent years, some schools have been hit by very public ‘scandals’. The Trojan Schools in Birmingham was particularly memorable, but others, for example, have been in the spotlight by the radicalisation of pupils.

What if you were ‘that school’?  How would you be affected?

News – whether fact or fiction, full-blown scandal or just rumour – travels fast. Before you know it parents want to remove their children; teachers may go on sick leave or resign.  Replacements may not be easy to find and supply teachers always eat into your budget.

You want to avoid the problem. But if that’s not possible and the worst happens, you want to be certain you’d done all you could reasonably be expected to have done. 


Manage risk with the correct training


Big or small – unexpected events can take a toll on your school budget, so being prepared is key.

Properly training your staff on what’s expected of them in the face of new legislation will give them the knowledge and confidence to speak up and act if they spot anything wrong. Knowing how to spot signs and what actions to take should they suspect anything could not only avoid harm to the pupils, but also reputational damage to your school.

You can handle questions from the police or media in the knowledge you had done everything that could be reasonably expected of you.


Balancing the training with the budget


You can deliver quality training without breaking the budget.

At flick, we offer enjoyable training that covers what you need to know and it’s affordable. Find out more about what’s included in our e-learning subscription here and more about our pricing plans here.



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