Dodg-E-learning Part 2: Why are so many e-learning developers so lazy when it comes to imagery?

Dodg-E-learning Part 2: Why are so many e-learning developers so lazy when it comes to imagery?

Posted on May 27, 2015

Why are so many e-learning developers so lazy when it comes to imagery?

It certainly can’t be that we’re short of choice. There are hundreds of suppliers out there each with collections running in to the millions and expanding by the minute (Shutterstock alone claims to add two thousand new images every hour), and believe me, if you never imagined that you could find an image of a young woman, wearing full make up, with dyed red hair swept off her face and a fried egg on her head, wearing earrings made out of bacon, and a necklace of chipolata sausages, then think again – you can (from  

Cost can’t be an issue either – there are many great sites that  will send ten or so impressive photographs to your inbox, free of charge, every week. Plus of course there’s Flickr and Tumblr too with thousands of completely free, instantly downloadable, rights-free pictures that are yours for the taking. 

And even if you can’t get exactly what you want, well you’ve got a phone haven’t you? Take your own pictures. Impeccable cinema standard adverts for prestigious brands are now being shot, edited and produced on a single iPhone, so the power to take outstanding photos is in your hands.

In spite of having such an overwhelming choice at their disposal, why then are the images used in so much e-learning naff?  

For example, it’s more or less a given that every equality and diversity e-learning course will have this ‘multi-racial circle of hands’ image :  

People in circle holding their hands out 

or the circle of paper men is another favourite: 

Paper Men in a Circle

(this one’s a favourite for anti-bullying and harassment too) 

One has to wonder in what possible way these crass images add anything at all to a course? Where is the creativity and imagination in them? In what way are they used to enhance learning?


If there was only one thing we could promise you here at flick, it's that our training uses imagery that not only makes you want to carry on with your learning but that it also has imagination, creativity and some fun thrown in there too.

Because our theory is, just because it's mandatory doesn't mean it has to be cringe-worthy and boring as well.


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