ISIS in the media; The Real Housewives of ISIS

ISIS in the media; The Real Housewives of ISIS

Posted on Jan 26, 2017

ISIS in the media; The Real Housewives of ISIS



'The Real Housewives of ISIS', a two-minute comedy sketch produced as part of BBC 2’s new ‘Revolting’ show has been criticised by some of its viewers for being 'tasteless' and mocking women who join the Islamic state jihadist group.

The skit showed jihadi brides taking selfies and showing off suicide vests. One of the women wearing a hijab says: 'It's only three days until the beheading, and I've got no idea what I'm going to wear.'

The sketch was originally published online and quickly gathered millions of views, and has now been watched on the BBC’s Facebook page nearly 30 million times.

In an interview with BBC 5 lives’ Afternoon Edition, comedians Jolyon Rubinstein and Heydon Prowse who co-created the new sketch show said,

"We would have had to question whether we were up to scratch as satirists if we didn't tackle the Islamic State."

"It's one thing in a wide breadth of satire that we had to cover and I think it's really important it sparked the global debate that it did.”



The sketch was met with mixed reactions. Many of the shows viewers took to Twitter to share their opinions.



55 viewers complained to the regulator Ofcom, who announced on the 23rd January that they had assessed the complaints, but decided not to take the matter further.

The show, ‘did not raise issues warranting investigation,’ the watchdog said, following the complaints that it breached ‘generally accepted standards’.

Jolyon Rubinstein, Revolting’s co-creator insisted the target of the sketch was online grooming, not the victims.

‘It’s about people who are vulnerable to these kind of approaches.’


What do you think?

We’ve included the now-infamous sketch below for you. What are your thoughts on the content? Comment below and let us know your views on the sketch.


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