I need a learning app - which one do I choose?

I need a learning app - which one do I choose?

Posted on Jun 25, 2015

These days there’s a learning app for just about everything.

Whether it be medical apps, educational apps or game apps with educational elements, the choice is endless and, frankly, quite daunting at times - particularly if you’re new to the learning App market. But the fact is that they’re popular for a good reason, and the well-crafted ones are really effective in their purpose.

So in an attempt to take the hard work out of things for you we’ve created a list of the broad categories of learning App available. We’ve also recommended websites you can visit to get third party opinions on the best Apps available in that category.

Our list is by no means complete, so use it as a starting point to hunt out your own gems.

The main categories of learning apps


Educational Apps:

This category is perhaps the largest and covers pretty much everything from learning Apps for primary schools, right through to those for university and college students. Oh, and not forgetting the Apps for the teachers themselves as well. Both Apple and Google have made things a little easier for you by testing and evaluating thousands of these and grouping their results into, yes you guessed it, an App!

The Educational App Store breaks the various apps available into clear categories and gives every App a certification based on its merits.

It’s free to download from both Apple and Google.

Teaching Tools:

These can be very useful in trying to cope with a busy teaching schedule, but how do you find the one that’s right for you? Or even go about finding out exactly what’s out there in the first place? Again we’ve got both these covered for you.

For a comprehensive list of what’s out there (both free and paid) from Google and Apple you’ll want to look at this listOr, we’ve found a great set of recommendations from a teaching professional for you as well.

Special Needs:

These learning apps have attracted a lot of positive press, and they focus on everything from communication and social skills to life skills and behaviour. Friendship Circle offer a great round-up of the best ones.

Game Apps:

These sound like they’re for younger children, but in actual fact they’re available for all ages right up to university students, and cover a massive range of topics. One of the best sites we could find for picking the best was TeachThought who offer a comprehensive list of their Top 50.

Assessment Tools:

Apps that aid the assessment of learning are also available on the market. Again, these apply to all levels of learning assessment and are promoted by government bodies like Tablets for Schools who provide a good Top 5.

Training Applications:

You’re in exactly the right place already for this one. At flick we offer a comprehensive range of online training courses and deliver them in a highly interactive and gamified manner with an easy to use interface. We are fully mobile optimised and our mobile App is the only one on the market that works both on- and off-line. Courses include health and safety, handling information, and people skills.

If it’s a training App you’re looking for - Try flick for free today.

Health & Fitness Apps:

Yes, there are even learning Apps to teach you about healthy lifestyle and some also back up National Curriculum studies in this area as well. From bone anatomy to healthy eating, there’s an App out there that provides what you need. Greatist.com offer an extensive round up of the 49 Best Health and Fitness Apps for 2015 and it’s well worth a look.

A quick word of advice on Apps in general...

There are hundreds of thousands of Apps released each year and not all of them are created equally or to the same standards. It is definitely worth shopping about a bit to find one that will work best for you. Even the paid Apps are not usually too expensive.

Always make sure the App you’re buying is compatible for the device you own, and read through the write-up associated with it, so you’ve got all the information you need before committing to anything. If possible, and it usually is, go to a site that independently reviews the Apps on offer. Pay more attention to those with a lot of positive reviews over time.

Hope this helps, and happy browsing!



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