How would it affect your team if you were 'that school'?

How would it affect your team if you were 'that school'?

Posted on Dec 03, 2015

How would it affect your team if you were 'that school'?



How do you think your staff, governors, parents and local community would react to finding out that young people from your school had left the country to become Jihadi brides or become a fighter with ISIS?

Not only is it damaging to students, it will also affect your staff. The shock and horror of being unaware of such radical views have captured the imagination of children in your school without you knowing. Understandably, it’s stressful and upsetting.


Spot and prevent radicalisation

Preventative action is always the right first step and one the government is demanding you take and, with the correct training, your staff will know what to look out for.

Knowing how young people are being radicalised and the signs shown by those being radicalised will help staff know how to spot and tackle it.

Radicalisation cannot always be prevented, but by ensuring your staff have done everything they can to help prevent it, if a situation occurs, they can be confident they have done all that anyone could expect. 


Training your staff to combat radicalisation

Important things that you need to ensure your staff know:

  • Methods of those who wish to radicalise
  • Who are most vulnerable to radicalisation
  • What are the sign and behaviours
  • What action to take should you suspect

For prevention of radicalisation training that covers all of the above, contact flick today

Our training covers the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, the Prevent duty and the Prevent strategy and we have free additional resources such as guidance on the fundamental British values, sector specific guidelines for the prevent duty and advice for parents and carers and more.


radicalisation training with flick


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