How to reach your goals by taking your knowledge online

How to reach your goals by taking your knowledge online

Posted on Nov 13, 2015

How to reach your goals by taking your knowledge online



As a face-to-face trainer or consultant you have a wealth of knowledge, skills and stories that your customers value. It’s why they pay you to share that expertise by training, coaching and advising them. But inevitably your potential income is limited by time; you can only earn when you’re in front of a client.

What if you could change that? What if you could commoditise your expertise and generate income when you’re somewhere else, and all without compromising your personal brand?

How can you be everywhere at once?

E-learning. The solution for getting all your expertise, all your flare and all your skills to your clients, letting them learn exactly what it is that you know so much about without you needing to physically be there.

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How do I move my business online?

There are plenty of reasons for you to move online, which you can read all about here:



So how to get started?

It’s not a simple switch

Like other face-to-face trainers and consultants you’ve probably built up some brilliant resources; graphics, images, print outs, graphs, power point presentations, videos that really engage the audience. However, no matter how good your presentations or how arty your video, transferring them straight to an online platform is probably not going to work. Why? Because the missing element that really brings them to life is you. If these resources are going to be just as effective without your there, you’re going to have to change your tack.

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Engaging, effective e-learning

Topics should be bitesize

As you know yourself, time is precious. People haven’t got that much of it, and on top of that, with so many points of stimulation, the human attention span has fallen to a measly eight seconds. Which means, your learning topics need to be precise, to the point, and keep the learners engaged. Which brings me onto point two.

Topics need to be engaging

If you want people to engage and remember the learning it’s has to make an impact. Be different, be unexpected and entertain.

Building in interactive games works really well, but most e-learning developers miss this element because it takes a lot of skill to produce to a high standard and can be really time-consuming. But if you’re going to stand out from your competitions it’s worth the effort. So if you’re doing it yourself, put the time aside.

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Fun, smart and eye-catching imagery definitely increases engagement, and I can tell you from personal experience it takes HOURS of poring through image banks across the internet to find the right one. Then on top of that there are charges to get it copyright-free. Watch out for ‘editorial only’ images; you might find yourself with a hefty fine on misuse.

Next you need to consider what will help the learners retain the knowledge.

Improving knowledge retention

A voiceover obviously helps people with visual impairments but you might not realise it’s proven to help all learners retain knowledge too. It takes them through the learning topics at a steady pace, stopping them from skim reading and shortcutting the learning process.

In our view a voiceover is an absolute must, but it’s not cheap and it’s not quick. On average it costs around £80 per 150 words, which is about 1-3 minutes’ worth of speaking. Plus on top of that you need to search for the right voice; unfortunately David Attenborough hasn’t got any voice doppelgangers yet, which means you need to search and listen to every man, women and child to find the right one. 

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Adding videos into topics also helps break up the text and in turn helps the learners retain knowledge.

Let’s get techy

If you have videos ready to use it makes perfect sense to make the most of them. However, they need to be embedded within learning topics so they play seamlessly with the rest of the learning topics (and voiceover).

Today people assume they can access everything anywhere they want, smartphone, tablet or desktop. That’s means your topics (including the videos) have to be responsive (and I’m not talking about having a chat with Siri). Ever noticed when you go on some websites on your phone you have to scroll and scroll and scroll just to get to the login button? Well that’s because they haven’t made the website responsive. To do this you have to have to literally build the course multiple times to different dimensions. So if you’re planning on making a learning topic that is 10 pages long, you’re going to have to make every page about 3-4 times each for different sized screens. This of course means re-sizing all the images every time properly using Photoshop or Illustrator etc. so that it’s stays at a high resolution- there’s no point spending all that time and money on great imagery if it’s fuzzy and blurred when anyone sees it.


responsive e-learning

Example of responsive e-learning in Captivate 8 


After all this, you then need to consider functionality. How will your clients access the course? Do you have your own Learning Management System (LMS) or will you be hosting your course on someone else’s?

This will also affect the certification. You may not need your course to be certificated, but if you do it’s not just the case of whipping one up in Microsoft Word using WordArt, you need to ensure your clients have access to download and print their certificates within the system they’re learning from.

You may even need your certificates accredited by an industry expert, which can sometimes be pricy as you may need to have a membership for the accreditation.

Happy to talk

Exploiting the potential of e-learning in your business could pay real dividends. If you want some help in working out how to do it, we’re happy to help. At flick, we have a combined 30 years’ experience creating e-learning courses. We can create fabulous e-learning for you, freeing up your time for other projects (or sitting back and relaxing). 



Just email us at now and find out how we can help. 

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