How to make an equality and diversity course engaging

How to make an equality and diversity course engaging

Posted on Dec 11, 2015

How to make an equality and diversity course engaging




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We know that investing in equality and diversity training for your team is beneficial for your organisation but to realise those benefits you still need to find the right equality and diversity course. What makes any equality and diversity course the right course?

  1. Format: online training, classroom-based, one-to-one coaching or a blended approach? Figure out which one would best help you achieve your objectives (within your budget).
  2. Quality content:  i.e. accredited, robust material from a credible source.
  3. Up-to-date: you’re looking for references to current legislation, best practice or even examples.
  4. Engaging: it’s effective and enjoyable to complete


What does ‘engaging’ actually mean? 

I'm throwing around the word engaging here as if we all have a common understanding of what it truly means in the world of online training. Perhaps we do but to be on the safe side, when I use the word engaging here I’m talking about a course that:


  • Holds the learner’s attention
  • Interests the learner
  • Helps the learner learn easily or quickly
  • Prompts the learner to change their behaviour or adopt a new way of behaving
  • Inspires the learner to learn some more (it can happen)
  • Is intuitive for the learner to use and learn from


Let’s not mistake engaging for:

freddie the equality fox 



  • Attempts to make it fun (trying to make it ‘fun’ is on par with how annoying that person who insists they’re ‘mad’, ‘zany’ or even ‘kerrazy’); or





diversity imagery



  • Staged or crass imagery: I don’t remember a time where I’ve ever found this a successful method of fostering an inclusive and diverse atmosphere.




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The features of an engaging equality and diversity course


Given what flick do well, I’m going to focus on the features of an engaging online training course. This means that we’ll be putting aside the debate over whether online training can compete with face-to-face in terms of engagement. (As an aside, when this blog is being written shortly after the word of the year has been declared as “binge-watch”, you’d think it’s pretty conclusive that even spending hours staring at a screen can be wildly engaging if what you’re looking at is good.)


The content is interesting and easy to relate to


equality & diversity screenshot - the voice 

Gives the learner the skills to change their behaviour 


how to challenge 

Familiar social ways to learn more

 equality & diversity pinterest 

Rewards, motivation and competition


gamified learning with flick 

Learning that matches the learner’s attention span: short, snappy chunks 

 equality & diversity online training



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