Five flick Courses All Your Staff Need

Five flick Courses All Your Staff Need

Posted on Oct 01, 2019

Five flick Courses All Your Staff Need – Guest Blog

by Lucy Atkinson, Business Support Manager at Genilogic Ltd.

We have been flick customers for a while and to tell you the truth, we love it. We all keep up with our refreshers and whenever things quieten down, we are always looking for the next course we can do to pass the afternoon and pick up some new skills. I have picked out the five flick courses that I truly believe everyone should do, having done all of them myself. I hope these suggestions can help every company offer some extra opportunities to their staff so they can be appreciated the way our company is!

Manual Handling

Manual handling is high-risk because people often take it for granted. They haul their shopping in without a moment’s thought for their spine or muscles, there is no method or practise, we just dive in with no warm up and lift heavy bags and boxes like our bodies were made for it. Were our bodies made for it? Maybe, but our bodies are fragile. We can injure ourselves easily. And a spinal injury – or worse, a musculoskeletal disorder – can be life-changing. Your staff may be in admin roles or in roles in warehouses, but from time to time most of us will complete manual handling in the name of work. If your staff are trained and competent you can relax whenever the office paper or sugar delivery arrives, safe in the knowledge that your staff are trained to use proper safe techniques and understand the theory and reasoning.

Listening Skills

Listening is paramount within business. We work as a team and a team is only as strong as your weakest link. Often, being heard is only half of the battle, if your listening skills are not up to scratch you risk those around you not feeling heard, which may lead them to micromanage you. Having your staff complete a quick Listening Skills course will give them the tools to value each other and ensure they are giving out the right signals when instruction is being given. The Listening Skills course reminds learners to slow down and focus on the person in front of you. It can be easy when you are busy to try and multi-task during conversations but often, your colleagues need to feel heard. Have them complete this course and watch the team reap the benefits as they start to feel more respected and heard.

Health and Safety

It’s true that at least most of your staff will all roll their eyes when you tell them they have been enrolled to a health and safety course, but actually the end result might surprise you. We have heard things like “actually, there were some good points I hadn’t thought of” and “it was actually quite informative”. Between all the ‘actually’s, the message is that the course isn’t stuffy or dull, it is interactive, and it relates to the learner, understanding they already have common sense, but guiding them to use that common sense and apply it compliantly to tasks they undertake. The added bonus, of course, is that when you show your staff you value their health and safety and that you want to protect them, it improves the health and safety culture, and a good health and safety culture is known to boost productivity, profits, and prevent accidents. What more could you want!?

Equality and Diversity: Inclusive Language

This quickflick guide is not a course, has no assessment, and you don’t need to complete refreshers, however, it is absolutely invaluable. We all want to be inclusive when we talk, especially whilst at work, but sometimes, with the media frenzy, we don’t always know how. This guide really breaks down any barriers to understanding inclusive language. This will help your staff feel confident addressing clients, colleagues and strangers even whilst embracing their unique qualities and showing respect.

Stress Awareness

It is amazing in this day and age that some of us still do not know how to recognise and cope with stress, but it is true. Often, we are able to pick up stress tells on others but forget to rationalise with ourselves. The stress awareness course explains to the learner what sort of things can cause stress as well as the signs and symptoms to look out for. It also gives the learner advice on supporting people they think may be suffering with stress, if everyone in a workplace was watching out for each other in that way and were supporting each other, workplace stress could almost be a thing of the past. Whilst awareness can’t specifically reduce stress, it can help people understand their feelings and work back in their minds to figure out causes, at which point they are better placed to ask for help due to knowing what they need.

Those are our top five, we would love to hear what yours are!

Lucy Atkinson is the Business Support Manager at Genilogic Ltd. Genilogic are a software development company best known for their health and safety solution CRAMS. CRAMS users all get access to flick courses, as well as the Genilogic team.

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