Facing an impossible budgetary challenge? 2/3 of schools will be in deficit by 2018; 7% already are.

Facing an impossible budgetary challenge? 2/3 of schools will be in deficit by 2018; 7% already are.

Posted on Dec 12, 2015

What is causing budget deficits within schools?



The Institute for Fiscal Studies has suggested that in the next five years, schools in England will have less to spend per pupil. Budgets are being cut. At the same time, the Government is making heavier demands in terms of staff training adding, for example, the prevention of radicalisation training and FGM training for all relevant staff.

Pupil numbers are growing in already crowded classes, pushing up staff costs. 

The new training demands are just one more thing putting pressure on budgets.  Is it any wonder more and more schools are in deficit?


What happens when it’s you?


How will you face the challenges of budgets cuts? Will you make staff cuts? Tighten your admission criteria? Ignore staff training requirements? You can’t. Without staff, you can’t teach; with fewer students, your budget will get cut again and without the mandatory training in place you’ll be at odds with Ofsted and ultimately your school’s reputation will be at risk.


How to avoid putting your school in deficit


There is something you can do to address one of these budgetary challenges. 

New training in the prevention of radicalisation and FGM is now a mandatory legal requirement and so can’t be ignored.

You and your staff have to be able to know and understand the signs and know what steps to take to prevent both and ultimately safeguard the young people in your school.

But the training you need doesn’t need to take up a large chunk of your budget. flick offers prevention of radicalisation training, FGM training and all the extra resources you and your staff might need to ensure you are up-to-date with the correct information as possible.


The best bit is that our subscriptions are affordable! See flick pricing plans here.


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