6 ways to screw up your job

6 ways to screw up your job

Posted on Jul 08, 2015

How often do we really listen to people?

Or how many times have you heard the phrase ‘you’re just not listening to me’? For something we rely on so heavily, we’re all pretty rubbish at it. Why? There are many reasons that stop us from listening: we’re too busy, we’re out of time, we’re bored, we’ve heard it all before; we’re trying to listen  whilst we get on with something else, we’re too wrapped up in our own stuff, we’re distracted by others (children, the boss, the dog) – and all of them are valid, but the truth is,  most of us aren't  good listeners, because listening, real listening takes skill and practice.
Here are some of the things that might be muting your listening skills:

1- Allowing distractions to interfere/focussing on too many things at once – Media is usually the number one culprit for this: put down your phone and focus on the person in front of you instead.

2- Becoming overly enthusiastic so that you stop listening and start forming new thoughts and ideas – Your turn to speak will come soon enough.  Allow the other person to complete what they have to say first and, while they’re talking, take a back seat and focus on them instead of your own thoughts.

3- Being cynical (fault-finding) and overly resistant – If someone is sharing something with you, it’s unlikely that the immediate response they’re looking is harsh judgement. Be thoughtful in your response

4- Faking that you understand or are interested – Faking interest could lead to disappointment and/or awkward misunderstandings for you both. Stay engaged and clarify anything you don’t understand.

5- Rehearsing your own answer while the other person is speaking – Concentrating on your reply could mean that you miss vital information, which means that your response might end up being wrong.

6- Using listening time to think of something else – There will always be something else more important/pressing to you to think about, but it’s important that you recognise that the person who is talking to you might find what they’re saying important too.

Finding ways to turn this around can be done with a bit of practice as, after all, good listening skills go a long way in all aspects of everyday life. If you want to find out some pointers on things to practice or some flick tips for better listening are then visit our website to find out more about our Listening Skills course.

If you want to find out some pointers on things to practice or some flick tips for better listening are then take a look at  our listening skills course.

If you would like to find out more about our CPD certified training courses click here.



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