welcome to the evolution of e-learning.
welcome to flick.

welcome to the evolution of e-learning. welcome to flick.



We were too. So, at flick we’re on a mission to transform the world of must-do training into engaging, enjoyable and highly effective e-learning. We believe in keeping our content bite-sized, to-the-point and easy-on-the-eye.

Stunning imagery. Animation. Gamification. Narration. Interactivity. Playful competition. Social. Accredited. Flawless performance on any device.

One price for access to all flick courses. Buy an annual subscription or just pay-as-you-go each month - you can start your learning journey today!

Welcome to the evolution of e-learning. Welcome to flick.

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12 Life-Changing Features


Accredited and endorsed by experts in the subject.

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Rapid and easy access to all the necessary information.

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Fully mobile compatible for on-the-go learning.

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Share, compare and achieve with a fully social learning model.

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Price promise that rewards loyalty.

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Win points, reach new levels and compete. Game on.

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Access to the full flick library, packed with additional tools to enhance learning.

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Be inspired to learn with our imagery and interactivity.

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Stay connected and link your account to other systems.

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With many forms of support throughout the site, you’re never far from help.

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Meaningful and reflective testing methods that truly measure your learning.

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All stored securely in the Cloud. No downloads necessary.

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leading-edge technology

breathtaking design

exceptional quality

unbeatable value


one subscription. 35 courses.

Subscribing with us offers access to all of the courses, guides and resources within the flick library. Our promise? This library will constantly grow with new and updated content.

custom flick

flick can design and deliver custom content specifically and exclusively for you. Adopting the same flick principles, we will create engaging, creative and memorable e-learning on anything you need your people to know and understand.

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