welcome to the evolution of e-learning.
welcome to flick.

welcome to the evolution of e-learning. welcome to flick.




We were too. So, at flick we’re on a mission to transform the world of must-do training into engaging, enjoyable and highly effective e-learning. We believe in keeping our content bite-sized, to-the-point and easy-on-the-eye.

Stunning imagery. Animation. Gamification. Narration. Music and Sound Effects. Interactivity. Playful competition. Social engagement. Accredited content. Flawless performance on any device.

One price for access to all flick courses. Buy an annual subscription or just pay-as-you-go each month - you can start your learning journey today!

Welcome to the evolution of e-learning. Welcome to flick.

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leading-edge (technology) | breathtaking (design)

exceptional (quality) | unbeatable (value)


one subscription. 51 courses.

Subscribing with us offers access to all of the courses, guides and resources within the flick library. Our promise? This library will constantly grow with new and updated content.

12 Life-Changing Features


Accredited and endorsed by experts, covering relevant law and sector guidelines.

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Stunning imagery and animation, interactive games, professional voiceover.

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Condensed and bitesized, containing only the need to know information.

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Meaningful and relevant testing using a variety of question styles.

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Downloadable, personalised certificates for every course.

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Adding users, assigning courses and downloading reports has never been so simple.

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Whether monthly or annual: all courses, all resources, one price.

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Unlimited re-sits, refresher courses and additional resources at your fingertips.

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Customise everything from courses and certificates to the flick site itself!

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Host your own courses on our LMS, or take ours to host on yours.

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All stored securely in the Cloud. No downloads necessary.

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With round-the-clock live chat, and support via phone and email, you’re never far from help.

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custom flick

flick can design and deliver custom content specifically and exclusively for you. Adopting the same flick principles, we will create engaging, creative and memorable e-learning on anything you need your people to know and understand.

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